Re-elect Marc San Soucie to the Beaverton City Council - November 6, 2018!

Hello, Beaverton neighbors. I am running for re-election to the City Council, to continue to serve the City of Beaverton, and so I can help keep Beaverton excellent as it grows and changes.

What a great place Beaverton is these days! A number of years ago the city adopted the tag line ďThe Best of OregonĒ as an aspirational goal. While I would not claim that we have hit that target in all aspects of our community, I love that we try, and I love that we have gained a great reputation for success on many fronts.

Iíve enjoyed working to move Beaverton forward in harmony with your aspirations. Iíve worked hard to be a professional, collaborative leader, while managing our city finances carefully. I feel a great sense of responsibility to you for this work.

Itís not all perfect. We still have people in need, some struggling businesses, and physical challenges that we have to address. We have to tackle problems and take advantage of opportunities without straining our financial resources. The good news is that we work well as a community, with a common vision and a broad civic enthusiasm that makes complex problems easier to solve.

Thoughtful, Prepared, Professional

The job of city councilor is to be an open-minded, always listening, proactive cheerleader for the city, offering ideas and perspective to the Mayor, staff, Council, and partners on how best to accomplish city goals, while keeping a knowledgeable eye on city projects and the budget to insure that we make best use of our resources. Plus, we need to explain in clear language how weíve come to our conclusions and decisions.

This requires good listening, good procedures, and good execution. I pay attention to the details in my work, but I also look for the big picture, to help keep our focus on the major issues and projects that will keep us on a path of continuous improvement. It is important to get more than one perspective on any issue Ė from the public, from fellow Councilors, from partners. I am committed to remain a thoughtful, prepared, and professional City Councilor for Beaverton.

Working for All of Beaverton

This is a lively, active city, and I always work to contribute to our success and continuing improvement. I love Beavertonís great neighborhoods, great schools, great parks, and its fabulous diversity of people and cultures. I want to keep the focus of our civic work on the people who make up our wonderful and varied community.

Iíve worked to keep our property tax rate as flat as possible, and to provide a large number of Beaverton residents with lower water rates Ė coming soon! Iíve worked to help Beaverton support a broad range of entrepreneurial businesses Ė including women- and minority-owned.

Iíve offered strong advocacy for smart transportation options that address congestion, while we work hard to improve the city for pedestrians. Iíve advocated for and supported Beavertonís lodging tax expansion to help fund the Center for the Arts.

I gave early and ongoing support for actions to engage our immigrants in civic life, including celebrations of our many different cultures Ė the International celebration, the Night Markets, Welcoming Week, and much more. Iíve supported our programs to help Beaverton be a strong Welcoming City, and live up to the reputation.

Iíve helped develop good plans for South Cooper Mountain, for downtown redevelopment, for the new Police building. Iíve given strong support for our work with many partner agencies and non-profits to develop affordable housing and housing options for all income ranges in our city. I was an instigator in the effort to bring Bridge Meadows to Beaverton.

Iím proud that I convinced City Hall to build our Capital Improvement Plan in a new manner. Since 2014 residents have been able to contribute meaningfully to decisions about how to spend millions of city dollars.

Iíve worked to improve Beaverton's government, neighborhoods, arts and social culture, transportation, and environment. Iíve worked to manage our finances and infrastructure efficiently. I've increased opportunities for you to offer us guidance as we make decisions. I project the Cityís positive self image to partners and prospects in an enthusiastic, energizing way.

Experienced, Positive, and Enthusiastic

I offer the experience and leadership skills gained over my long professional and volunteer career, and my time on the City Council. I've served Beaverton residents in a number of ways - on the Planning Commission, the Committee for Citizen Involvement, and as a representative to the Joint Water Commission. I do this because I love Beaverton.

Iíll keep working to be creative, persuasive, and innovative, suggesting ideas or alternative approaches to problems and opportunities. The people of Beaverton deserve elected leaders who do their work with responsibility, enthusiasm, and a thoughtful eye toward the future. I will always strive to be that kind of leader for Beaverton.

We are excellent, we are proud, we are restless for still more improvement. If Beaverton isnít yet the greatest place in the USA, it isnít for lack of trying or aspiring. Letís keep getting better together!

I hope to earn your vote in the November 6 election. Thank you!

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